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This 5 Days of gifting was released on 6/4/12 with the reward of Rabbit Ears for completing.

Rabbit ears


Permanent and Rare 1x 20px Rabbit Ears Accessory.

1x Mine Cluster Mine Cluster


1x Anti-Grav Missile Anti-Grav Missile

1x Tornado Grenade Tornado Grenade

1x Baby Napalm Baby Napalm

Raffle Rewards:

1x Grenade Grenade

1x Cluster Missile Cluster Missile

1x Baby Beehive Baby Beehive


  • You can show other people what cool accessories you have.
  • You can get all items in one day.


  • If you miss a day then you lose it unless you get the item from free spin.
  • You need to waste

00000000000000000002. Treats-Icon 2 Treats for spin or 00000000000000000006. Treats-Icon 6 Treats for next days item.

  • If you miss a day and you don't like to cheat or do glitches that are like cheats then the only rescue is to play raffle.


  • Make sure to redeem the item or else it will vanish after the entire gifting is over


Cost Reason
None First item and the next days item if you wait patiently

00000000000000000024. Treats-Icon 24 Treats

For all items

00000000000000000020. Treats-Icon 20 Treats

For all items from raffle.

00000000000000000060. Treats-Icon 60 Treats

If the raffle would be tricky and you will not get the item you want

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