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This 5 Days of gifting was released on 20/06/12 with the reward of Beach Sandals for completing.



Permanent and Rare 1x Beach Sandals Accessory.

1x Napalm

1x Teleporter

1x Coconut

1x Thunderstorm

1x Anvil

Raffle Rewards:

1x Cluster Missile

1x Baby Beehive

1x Grenade


  • You can show other people what cool accessories you have.
  • You can get all items in one day.


  • If you miss a day then you lose it unless you get the item from free spin.
  • You need to waste

00000000000000000002. Treats-Icon 2 Treats for spin or 00000000000000000006. Treats-Icon 6 Treats for next days item.

  • If you miss a day and you don't like to cheat or do glitches that are like cheats then the only rescue is to play raffle.


  • Make sure to redeem the item or else it will vanish after the entire gifting is over
  • Rare and Treat weapon like ThunderStorm can be now requested after clicking the yellow box (which is hidden sometimes).
  • You can get a powerful snack like Coconut.


Cost Reason
None First item and the next days item if you wait patiently

[1]00000000000000000024. Treats-Icon 24 Treats

For all items

00000000000000000020. Treats-Icon 20 Treats

For all items from raffle.

00000000000000000060. Treats-Icon 60 Treats

If the raffle would be tricky and you will not get the item you want

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