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AED Paddles is a weapon in Wild Ones. When you use it in a far direction, a light beam will flash out and head straight to the area you aim at. However, when using in near direction, there's is a high chance of you bouncing off by the shock wave, thus receiving damage.

"Give your enemies an electric shock!"

Aed Padles1

Beware of doctors!

Icon AED Paddles
Cost 00000000000000000002.

Treats-Icon 2 Treats for 4 Ammo

Max cost & ammo 00000000000000000198.

Treats-Icon 198 Treats for 396 ammo


00000000000000000700. Ability-Icon 700 Damage

00000000000000001200. Ability-Icon 1200 Damage

Ability Shots a lightning (electric shock) to your enemies.

Ability-Icon Shots a lightning (electric shock) to your enemies

Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on 12th of April, 2012
Expired on This weapon is not expiring.



Too much and you'll die!

  • Causes more damage than Shock Rifle.
  • Can do an OTK easily.
  • Opponents being hit by AED Paddles can fly at a fixed distance, and as well as yourself if you stand to close to the opponents.


  • Can hurt yourself if you are in close range.


  • Shares the same ammunition with Shock Rifle.
  • It is the 2nd weapon released on 12th of April.
  • It is recommended to strike the opponent in a rather close range but not sticking the opponent to ensure that you have the highest damage without hurting yourself.
  • Despite being an Automated External Defibrillator (which the AED really stood for), it is actually a long-ranged weapon rather than its medical purpose.