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Airplane is a weapon released in Wild Ones. It had costed 00000000000000000002.

Treats-Icon 2 Treats for 4 Ammo. Currently, it is expired. When you use this weapon, an airplane will appear from the upper left hand corner. Then, missiles will be fired from the airplane to the ground. Note that the distance between each strike is equivalent, so it is recommended to remember the coordinates of each strike and use the weapon when your opponents are in these "coordinates".


BREAKING NEWS!!!! Hitler's army invades Wild Ones and Playdom which makes everybody happy.

"Send an Airplane on a deadly Airstrike"


AAAHHHHH Rotating and massacring!!!!

Icon Airplaneicon
Cost Expired
Damage 00000000000000000400.

Ability-Icon 400 Damage per missile

Ability Launches 10 Missiles.

Ability-Icon Launches 10 Missiles

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on 9/12/11
Expired on 23/12/11


  • It can do OTK if players have low health.
  • It's wise to buy this weapon because it has high damage.


  • It doesn't inflict any damage to players who are hiding under a surface like under an ice bridge in Ice Bridges or under the floating platform in Critter Falls.
  • Not as fatal as a Missile Shower.


  • The Airplane looks more like a toy but a Killer Hamster is small enough to fit into it.
  • It does not hit places randomly. In other words, the distance of each drop is equivalent.
  • It shoots out Missiles. It's usage is similar to that of the Missile Shower.

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