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The Alien was released on 10th July, 2012 in Wild Ones. It can be bought at the Accessories shop. The Alien will help you out either by attacking other players, or by grabbing a Health Pack or a crate for you. However, the Alien is a somewhat fickle friend, and will not help you out every time.


Our world will be doomed with these parasites!

"Invasion is imminent"

Cost 00000000000000000010.

Treats-Icon 10 Treats

Damage 00000000000000000200.

Ability-Icon 200 Damage (randomly attacks)

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released date 10th July, 2012
Expiry date 24th July, 2012

Hands up, you armadillo!


  • The alien is sitting on a mini UFO.
  • The code is mini_alien
  • If you think that it attack from its guns, you're wrong.

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