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Anvil is a weaker version of the Cow but can still kill somebody with a full health if very accurate. It must be accurate as if it does not hit the opponent directly, it will do no damage, so be careful when aiming. A common tactic when aiming is to jump on the opponent and throw the anvil down so they won't miss.


"I want one for polishing my tools, including my pickaxe!"


A Monkey holding an Anvil

Icon Anvil
Cost 00000000000000002000.

Coin 2000 Coins for 7 ammo Members: 00000000000000001700. Coin 1700 Coins for 7 ammo

Damage 00000000000000000800.

Ability-Icon 800 Damage

Max Cost & Ammo 0000000000000198,000.

Coin 198,000 Coins for 693 ammo Members: 0000000000000168,300. Coin 168,300 Coins for 693 ammo

Ability Throws a heavy anvil at an opponent directly for massive damage.

Ability-Icon Throws a heavy anvil at an opponent directly for massive damage

Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2


  • After an update, the damage of Anvil is higher than before.
  • Fairly cheap considering the damage it does.


  • Unable to do an OTK without Stat Points or Snacks.
  • Easy to miss, resulting in no damage at all.
  • Hard to fire from long range, meaning unless you use a teleporter you are close to your opponent and they can easily get you back.


  • When you shot with no power while standing on somebody, the Anvil will "explode" without damaging him or will stay on the ground for a while, but will never damage him.

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