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Chemical Symbol This weapon is harmful to your health.

Baby Nuke is a chemical weapon. Please do not overuse it because it will be very destructive and will make the game unfair.

The Baby Nuke is a moderate weapon in Wild Ones. Its function is like the normal Nuke or the Missile. The size of baby nuke is about half of your pet's size. It is one of the current weapon of Wild Ones Logo. It's currently the weakest Nuke.


The Baby Nuke

Icon Baby Nuke

00000000000000000003. Treats-Icon 3 Treats for 5 ammo

Members: 00000000000000002500. Coin 2500 Coins for 5 ammo

Max Cost & Ammo

00000000000000000297. Treats-Icon 297 Treats for 495 ammo

Members: 0000000000000247,500. Coin 247,500 Coins for 495 ammo

Damage 00000000000000000600.

Ability-Icon 600 Damage

Ability Shoot a small bomb that causes a small amount of damage.

Ability-Icon Shoot a small bomb that causes a small amount of damage

Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2


  • Although it costs treats, it is easily been given by Daily Gifts
  • It is very powerful for new players because Baby Nuke can create huge damage to beginners.


  • It is easy to be wasted due to gravity and inaccuracy.
  • Very hard for an OTK


  • Before it is released, you could see a Baby Nuke in the Wild Ones Logo.
  • It is the most powerful baby weapons in Wild Ones.
    Wo banner4

    The Baby Nuke in the Wild Ones Banner

  • In Critter Falls, on the bottom left hand corner, the baby nuke can make a hole where opponents can fall into and die.

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