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before it expired...

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AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired Content

This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Banana Bomb cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.

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Monkeys! Get ready to eat this!

Banana Bomb was released on 16 June, 2011. Before it costed 00000000000000001000. Coin 1000 Coins for 10 ammo. It has the similar function of Grenade.

Banana bombblue

"Not your ordinary Tropical fruit"

Icon Banana Bomb
Cost Expired
Damage 00000000000000000450.

Ability-Icon 450 Damage

Ability Explodes like a Grenade with a banana-splatter effect.

Ability-Icon Explodes like a Grenade with a banana-splatter effect

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • Great to use with the Monkey pet.


  • The damage is quite scattered and it is very hard to shoot this on target.
  • Low damage

Trivia Edit

  • Could be considered an improved version of the Grenade.