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The Monkey

Banned is a punishment for violating Wild Ones rules. You can get banned by using hacks. If you get banned you can never play on that account (Even if you wait for years or decade).

List of things that will get you ban:


  • Go to the Playdom Forums and ask how to send a ticket to Playdom. (Only works if you get unrightfully ban) NOTE: This is not 100% guarantee
  • The Unbanning Hack. However, Only Experts (Not so expert) are capable of doing this.
  • This trick will not work any more unless you do the last trick, but after a few seconds or minutes (after hacking) refresh the page 2 times.
  • Use Unbanning hack (Unbanning Hack just for accessing buy treats page only [You can't play Wild Ones while using Unbanned Hack]) with Cheat Engine (You can find a lot on YouTube) and buy treats and it'll permanently unbanned you, If you hack again and got banned just refresh the page twice. NOTE: This is 99.99% guarantee.


  • Usually when you're banned the pet name and wins vanish because you are banned (much like disqualified permanently) but due to the new changes occurred on 14/11/11 when using unban hack you can see the names and wins from your pet.

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