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The Black Beauty Missile is another Green Hornet weapon. It is shot out of a futuristic black tube and players will shoot a rocket with similar properties to a Jumbo Missile. The damage level is between Nuke and Missile and maybe more explosive. It has a wider range than a missile but a smaller range than a nuke. It leaves a medium-sized hole in the ground that is almost as big as a Baby Nuke.
Black Beauty Missile

Horse Shooting Weapon!

Icon Black Beauty Missile
Cost Expired

00000000000000000500. Ability-Icon 500 Damage


Explodes on impact and leaves a medium-sized hole in the ground. Ability-Icon Explodes on impact and leaves a medium-sized hole in the ground

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • The damage is quite fatal and is almost as strong as a Baby Nuke.
  • Considered as a nuke-damage missile.
  • You can still get 10 of them by winning the guild tournament.
  • Large AOE.


  • OTK is impossible.


  • For sometime, the damage is 1000.
  • It's the upgraded version of Missile.

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