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A Bullwhip

The Bullwhip is a weapon released on 19th May, 2011. It is used to whack somebody like an angry parent.

"Whip your opponents back in place!"

Icon Bullwhip
Cost 00000000000000000008.

Treats-Icon 8 Treats for 4 ammo (Need to be level 100 to unlock or can use instant unlock)

Max Cost & Ammo 00000000000000000792.

Treats-Icon 792 Treats for 396 ammo

Damage 00000000000000000900.

Ability-Icon 900 Damage

Ability 0To whip people away.

Ability-Icon To whip people away

Found In crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • High damage


  • Expensive


  • You can whip other people AWAY.
  • If you want to use good accessories, you could use Indiana Jones pet and use a Bullwhip to make it nice and on topic.
  • This is the second weapon that can be unlocked on level 100.
  • There's a song called Whip it by Nicki Minaj featuring sounds of whip!