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The Candy Cane is nearly an OTK weapon. Its function is like a Trout and Mallet. Although it's a melee weapon, it is said to be very destructive when there's a bunch of people together. This can make more than 3000 points. This is a very good choice without using 60 more treats to buy a mallet. A very good and cheap choice for high scores.

Sweet Death :D

Candy Cane

Just eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!

Icon Candy Cane
Cost 00000000000000000001.

Treats-Icon 1 Treats for 10 ammo (2010 and 2012)

Max Cost & Ammo 00000000000000000099.

Treats-Icon 99 Treats for 990 ammo (2010 and 2012)


00000000000000000600. Ability-Icon 600 Damage


To whack pets or the same function of a machete.

Ability-Icon To whack pets or the same function of a machete.

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on First Release: Unknown, 2010
Second Release: 22nd of December, 2012
Expires on First Release: Unknown, 2010/2011
Second Release: 18th of January, 2013


  • The Candy Cane is the strongest Christmas weapon.
  • It is released in December 2010, then expired. Then it return.


  • Costs treats.
  • Can't do an OTK.


  • The Candy Cane was a weapon released for Christmas.
  • The Candy Cane is a very powerful weapon, for its little size.
  • On Playdom, when starting game, you can find 10 Candy Canes in crates or someone can gift it to you.


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