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The Candy Grenade is a weapon released for Halloween. Its function is the combination of Grenade and Rubber Grenade. When you use this weapon, you will be holding a Trick or Treat Bag and when you use this weapon in the second time, you may be holding another type of Candy Grenade. Now, it is no longer available.

Candy grenade

Divine! Delicious! Tasty! Sweet!

Icon Candy Grenade
Cost Expired
Damage 00000000000550 - 650.

Ability-Icon 550 - 650 Damage

Ability 000000Sticks to pets.

Ability-Icon Sticks to pets

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • It can do an OTK if your level is 75 - 200 and with Stat.
  • It has higher damage than Rubber Grenade.
  • It has high AOE.


  • It is limited for a short period of time.


  • It can let you only throw 1 random Candy Grenade.
  • It can't bounce like Rubber Grenade.
  • The code of this ammo is candy_grenade

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