WildOnes Cat

The Cat (You can change its color) with its facial moods

The Cat was the 5th pet to be released. The Cat's special ability is Scratch which does 350 Damage but can only be used in close range. It is the 2nd best choice for free players for many players.

The Cat's stats
Cat stats


950 HP


1.8 cm per second


1.2 cm high



Ability Uses



2,499 Coins

Level To Unlock

Level 3

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  • The most well known advantage of the Cat is its speed and jump both of these are incredibly high.
  • The ability of the Cat which is the Scratch, which can be used anytime.
  • The Cat is recommended for beginners for fast gameplay. It is the best pet in jump and it's speed is good for hit and run weapons, like the Dynamite and Love Note.
  • High jump.


  • The disadvantage of the Cat may be its health since its fairly low, though other than that the cat is perfectly fine.
  • Another disadvantage is due to the use of chow for the Cat although Cats that were purchased before the update will not be effected.


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump.You can also use the mouse to point where to go.


  • The Cat was released May 19th 2010.

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  • The Cat receives less damage when it is falling on the ground.
  • The Cat has the highest speed and the highest jump, excluding the Rabbit's ability Super Jump.
  • Useful for flat levels because of the speed, can easily run away from explosives like Kiss GoodByes, Dynamites, Impulse Bombs, Beehive etc.
  • Its ability is similar to the Tigers as well as the both being felines.
  • Cat and Rabbit are now Chow pets. Mentioned pets purchased before the Chow update will not be considered a Chow pet, thus, playing without chows consumed.
  • Cheapest pet in Wild Ones.
  • The cat sound are now changed from "meow" to another sound, probably before the cat are a chow pet its have "meow" sound.
  • People thought cat was the 2nd pet released.
  • Kot 41 7212861346

    A Natural cat

    The Cat is made up of 49 Shape Files and 60 Sprite Files.

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