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The Chainsaw is a weapon that is only available for Members. The chainsaw is a close range weapon that only hits nearby target and causes blood effect. It is free by gifting it to your friend in Wild Ones.


The Chainsaw

Icon Chainsaw icon

Members: 00000000000000000066. Treats-Icon 66 Treats for 50 ammo

Free: Gifting to another player.
Max cost & ammo 0000000000000006,534. Treats-Icon 6,534 Treats for 4950 ammo
Damage 0000000000000100-200. Ability-Icon 100-200 Damage constantly
Ability Causes a blood splatter effect while hitting its Target. Ability-Icon Causes a blood splatter effect while hitting its Target
Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2
Wild ones - Harpoon,Mallet and Chainsaw

Wild ones - Harpoon,Mallet and Chainsaw

Chainsaw in action


Bloody Sunday in Wild Ones!


  • Can do an OTK or possible multi-kills, if precise timing is exploited.
  • It is found in crates, making it unnecessary to be a member.


  • Cost treats.
  • This weapon is very brutal.


  • You can hit many people with chainsaw if they are in bunches.

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