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This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Chameleon cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.

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The Chameleon is the 11th pet to be released on Wild Ones. The Chameleon's ability is Tongue Grab, which works like a Harpoon but is shorter and doesn't seem to damage a pet. It only requires the pet to move. While moving, the tongue becomes shorter and will be removed and need to operate the tongue over and over again.As from 26/1/12 the Chameleon has become Expired and cannot be bought anymore.

The Chameleon's Stats
Chameleon's Stats


1000 HP


1.2 cm per second


0.7 cm high


Tongue Grab

Ability Uses



3999 coins (Currently expired)

Level To Buy

Level 14


A Chameleon (you can change the color)

Main article: Pets


The advantages of the Chameleon is its ability the Tongue Grab and its high health. Its ability the Tongue Grab can be used to pull enemies towards a mine, make another pet closer to another pet and shoot them both. It is very useful on the map "Emerald Zone", you use your tongue to hang them over the cliff. Now shoot randomly somewhere and your tongue will release leaving them in the water. NOTE: This method is better when playing Last Team Standing or Last One standing.It is also good for team point match.Tongue Grab can also be used like a Grappling Hook.


  • Some disadvantages for the Chameleon include its slow speed, and low jump, both of these, however, can be resolved using stat points.
  • And when the opponent use grappling hook,  you can't pull him.


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump.You can also use the mouse to point where to go.


  • Despite being a chameleon, it is unable to change color at will.
  • You can pretend the Chameleon is changing of color by using the Invisibility Potion
  • Many think the Chameleons ability is useless, but if you use it wisely, it is a very powerful pet.
  • A tactic you can try is using Mine Shower and then carefully grab someone so that you pull him towards the mines. If used correctly, the opponent will be sent flying to the skies. If not, you risk yourself to get dammaged or to even get shot out with him.
  • Maps where the Chameleon can be really useful are Crash Landing and Emerald Zone. Crash Landing is really easy to pull th pets with the toung grab or even with any pet towards mines because of its flat land. Lately, a common tactic in Emerald Zone has been to grappling hook yourself to the root of the top platforms and use the tongue grab to make the enemy fall and die.
  • The Chameleon was released by accident for a day before getting recalled. Anyone who bought one during this time was allowed to keep them. It was released few days after its recall.
  • Its SFX (when damaged,or died) was from the Dog and the Panda, but its turn SFX was different.
  • Originally a chameleon can't be so big. It is just only somehow like a lizard or iguana size. Its shape is not like the Wild Ones version.
  • A smart way to use the Chameleon is to go to Emerald Zone and use its tongue to drag the enemy and let them die by dropping them into holes.
  • It is one of many pets that their main color cannot be obtained unless hacked.
  • The Chameleon has horns because it refers to Carnotaurus Chameleon of the novel by Michael Crihton: The Lost World


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