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"Chow Time!" is the 11th map in Wild Ones. It was released on the month of November 2010.

"Revenge is a dish best served with Turkey"

Level to Unlock At Level 5
Cost None
Chow time

Chow Time


  • This is a special map for Thanksgiving (Just like how Foolish Errors is for April's Fools and Graveyard is for Halloween).
  • Shooting Napalms at the candles would look the candles as being lit.
  • This is one of the most complicated places to fight. Sometimes players might even think that Chow Time! is more complicated than Rumble in the Jungle, Creepy Crawly, Emerald Zone and Winter Wonderblammed but it is just only an opinion.
  • If you use an armadillo in this map, use his dig ability through the food and it will look like he's eating it.
  • It is the first map to be deleted by Playdom, together with Foolish Errors because of new room of new maps.
  • The map is not deleted at all because if you go to 2:36s Pirvate Game that map wil be playable.
  • The map has returned for a limited time and can be played.
  • It can be still played by joining the private game and the name is the map's name (also works on other maps).