Climb is an common ability to Monkeys. Climb is an ability that lets monkey climb over any terrain, including pets. Climb is almost the most useless ability in all pets, but it can be useful if used correctly.
Monkey Status

One of the weakest abilities - Climb

Damage 0
Ability To climb surfaces by sticking to them
Found in which pet only Monkey


  • Can climb on every surface, even pets.
  • Useful ability in any kind of map.
  • Will cause you to walk very slowly if switched on.
    Monkey Climb

    A monkey climbing a tree.

  • It takes double damage when falling while in Climb mode.
  • When using Climb you can make a breakdancing monkey whenn pressing jump all the time.


Up-Side-Down: Right key to go left, Left key to go Right, and Up key to jump down. Or use the mouse. Right-Side-Up: Same as normal controls except if you jump, you do a cart-wheel. Or use the mouse. Side, Head Facing Left: Right to go up, Left to go down, and Up to jump left. Or use the mouse. Side, Head Facing Right: Right to go down, Left to go up, and Up to jump right. Or use the mouse. You can also use W for jump, A for left movement, D for right movement.

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