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The Cluster Grenade shoots 3 normal Grenades out at the same time. Redwhen aiming close to the ground as the grenades may hit the ground and hurt you.

David Bowie using the Cluster Grenade

Icon Cluster Grenade
Cost 0000000000000001,400.

Coin 1,400 Coins for 10 ammo


00000000000000000140. Ability-Icon 140 Damage each grenade (00000000000000000840. Ability-Icon 840 Damage all maxed out)

Ability Shoots out 3 grenades at the same time.

Ability-Icon Shoots out 3 grenades at the same time

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • Similar to its missile version, it is called "inefficient", due to its both traits. However, using this weapon can boost your points (for example, you may only hit a pet and deals 400 points, whilst the cluster can hit up to 3 or more pets, receiving 500+ points.
  • Useful for beginners.


  • Low damage.


  • The Rubber Grenade version counterpart of this weapon is the Rubber Grenade Trio.
  • A common tactic is not to using any throwing power, but land on the near right at the opponent. Similar to Candy Mines and can cause an OTK if you have the Watermelon.

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