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The Cluster Missile shoots 3 normal missiles out at the same time. Be careful when aiming close to the ground as the missiles may hit the ground and hurt you.

David Bowie using the Cluster Missile

Icon Cluster Missile
Cost 00000000000000001500.

Coin 1500 Coins for 10 ammo

Max Cost & Ammo 0000000000000148,500.

Coin 148,500 Coins for 990 ammo

Damage 00000000000000000140.

Ability-Icon 140 Damage per missile

Ability Shoots out 3 missiles at the same time.

Ability-Icon Shoots out 3 missiles at the same time

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • It can hit multiple targets.
  • Useful for beginners.
  • Aiming propely can hit enemy with all missiles.


  • It can't use it as Baker's Dozen like MIRVs due to only 3 rockets shot out.
  • It is sometimes scattered and a little bit inaccurate.
  • Damage is aggregate to one regular missile.
  • Not advisable to use to only one opponent as it cannot utilize its versatility, therefore wasting it out.


  • Best used on enemies trapped in a pit.

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