Color Hack is frequently referred to by Playdom, the Wild Ones Wiki and the Playdom Forums

Platypus (1) color hackkkkkkkkkkk

A color hacked Platypus.

Color Hacking is an act of using a program such as WPE Pro or Cheat Engine to alter the appearance of your pet. It doesn't ban players but it is recommended to do this on fake/spare account and wait a week or two before doing it on your normal account. As from 21/9/11 all color hacked pets has been turned gray which means that color hack is patched.

A person can change:

  • Their pet's main color
  • Their pet's outline color
  • Their accessories's color ( by porting )
  • Their weapon's color ( by porting )
  • The color of the Map itself ( by porting )

Color Hacking is somehow use by Scammers to fool people into giving them free Hacks or promoting fake accessories by altering the color of item such as the Cherub wings.

The first color hack video with actual instructions was by a guy named RoastedStix. He only showed how to change the color of the pet, not the outline.

The Color Hack Ban Theory (Spoiler) (Not recommended)Edit

Theory 1

  • The use of such programs such as Cheat Engine is said to be against the rules.
  • However, Many people are still not yet banned even though they alter their pet's color.
  • Despite that they use the hacked pet in gameplay.
  • Playdom only bans those who uses WPE Pro not the Cheat Engine.

Theory 2

  • However, you may be banned if players uses screenshots for proof and evidence for the player to get banned
  • you may also be banned if you use your hacked pet constantly in gameplay.

Albums of Hacked PetsEdit

Instructions (Spoiler) (Not recommended)Edit

This tutorial is not supported. It brings bad opinion about the wiki from Playdom and Playdom Forums even though it's harmless.
  1. Open Cheat Engine and target your browser.
  2. Tick Hex and write 6C6C6C click First scan. Note: Pet must have plain grey colors befor doing this.
  3. Then change 1st color* to black and type in 000000.
  4. Click next scan.
  5. You will have 2 codes, doubleclick both of them and you will have it on a placeboard.
  6. go to http://html-color-red
  7. codespink
  8. .inyellow
  9. fo/ or List of colors and pick color you want.
  10. There is 2 ways of picking color.
  11. 1. If you have Cheat Engine V. 5.5 change value (in both of them) to 0x30785597 but if you have V.5.6 change to 0x30785597 and change 2nd color to black and you will have red outlined pet. Note: every code type in exactly how it is written here. 2. Change value to 0x45 and your color code place into the blank space.
  12. Change 2nd color* to black and you will have something like I have there (Dog).
  13. Buy pet and be happy of new colored pet.
  • 1st color = The yellow color on dog, the top color palette. *2nd color = the black color on dog, the bottom color palette.

If you need some hex codes, visit List of colors starting by.... you have choices of list of colors from A-Z.

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