Cost requires payment of a player before the item could be obtained. Almost everything in Wild Ones have cost. There are 2 types of cost, Treats and Coins. You can earn coins when you play a multiplayer match whereas you need to use real money or earn medals to obtain treats.

The cost varies depending on how valuable, how beautiful and how devastating the item is. For example the Missile is one of the weakest and ugliest weapon in Wild Ones, which its cost is free whereas the Game Over Nuke is one of the most devastating and most beautiful weapon in Wild Ones, which its cost is 00000000000000000109. Treats-Icon 109 Treats for normal users.

However, an item can expire due to limited space for Wild Ones to hold. Most of them are seasonal and title-update weapons. For example, Candy Mines is one of the greatest weapon, plus devastating. Due to being a Halloween weapon, the weapon expires. UFO is the example of title-update weapon which expires as quickly as possible, only being available in just 15 days. Accidental release is uncommon but also occurred. Killer Hamster is one of the example with its period in the shop within 1 week. When an item expire, it will no longer be in the shop and can't be bought unless it is released in some raffles or promotion.

In Wild Ones Wiki, we use 0000000000000000000-. Treats-Icon - Treats for - ammo. Although this is grammatically incorrect, we want to use this order because the table will not allow the correct order as it will separate and also we want show the cost first then how much ammo you will get. Please assume there is a phrase at the beginning, saying "This weapon costs ? for ? ammo." and don't think we are incorrect. Thanks!

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