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Creepy Crawly is the 7th level released in the game. This map take place on a large ant hole under some grasslands.
Creeply crawly


  • This map has mines and the terrains of this map can even decrease your chances of getting Weapon Crates.
  • There are some Pets that have Advantages over Creepy Crawly: Monkey, Armadillo, Bat and Platypus
  • The Monkey's climbing ability can let you crawl over the terrains to gain advantages and escape tough places.
  • The Armadillo's digging ability can dig through holes. You can use the terrains in your advantage
  • The Bat's flying ability can help you escape through terrain. You can even climb up to the Terrains and be safe in there. You will never get stuck.
  • The Platypus is dangerous in this type of map. You can flood the whole map and those pets in the lower levels and caves will find it hard to escape.
  • Bunny jump ability of the Rabbit can also be useful in there and is really easy to escape through the Terrains.