The Wild Ones Daily Gifts are given to players from the Wild Ones Team or from a friend. It was once have a couple of gifts but now (maybe a better luck than the Wheel) only one gift for yourself! Although there is only one, you still can send gifts to your friends!

4 Boom-boom Pows! From mystery gift!


The Gift Icon found on the Bottom-Right Side of the Home Page

List of Gifts that can be found:

Send a Gift Button

(Ranges from 2 to 4 with the exception of Grenade, which can range up to 50.)



(Note: If you still have this Accessories, then you may still found them)

  • Pilot Helmet
  • Tank Top
  • Mustache

Weapons and ammoEdit

  • 3 Spider Bomb Showers
  • 3 Gamma Stars
  • 3 Thunderstorm
  • 3 Gameover Nuke
  • 4 Gameover Nuke
  • 1 Gameover Nuke


  • Some Weapons are renamed when redeeming such weapons:
  1. Gamma Star to Gamma Stays.
  2. Beehive to Bee Gun Shot.
  3. Love Note to Valentine Bomb.
  4. Mega Globgun to Goo Lake. (Sometimes you get Goo Shower)
  5. Mine Shower to Landmine Airstrike.
  6. Queen Beehive to Queen Bees.
  7. Blizzard to Tornado Grenade. (Sometimes you get Tornado Grenade or Tornado Cluster)

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