The Dog is the first animal in the game. You get one free when you start the game and you use it to defeat Panda Mick. The Dog's special ability is Dog Bone, which is a weaker version of Dynamite. The Dog Bone deals about 450 damage if laid properly at a target. As from 26/1/12 the Dog changed price from 0000000000000001,299. Coin 1,299 Coins to 0000000000000003,999. Coin 3,999 Coins making Cat the cheapest coin pet in Wild Ones.

Dog Blue

A Dog (you can change the color)

The Dog's stats
Dog Status


1200 HP


10.50 cm per second


100 cm high


Dog Bone

Ability Uses



0000000000000003,999. Coin 3,999 Coins


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