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The advantages of the dog is its ability the Dog Bone . With the Dog Bone, a player is capable of using it like a Dynamite and has fairly high damage (though its damage is greater than a Dynamite ). It is also very healthy.

Very high health but maxed out only 25+.

And if you put him a stats point (full+100) in his health the dog will not die from kamehameha wave (Only if the opponent doesn't maxed out strength stats).

If you maxed out the dog strength stats you can do an OTK with Dog Bone on low health pets.


The disadvantages of a dog is that it jumps fairly low and is not very fast.

Health maxed out only get 25% health!


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump.You can also use the mouse to point where to go.

Trivia Edit

  • Dogbone

    A Dog using Dog Bone!

    Falcon Minipet

    Good ol Dog and Falcon!

    There was a time when you were able to throw the dog bone by exploiting a glitch. Shown here. (3rd video)
  • The Dog Bone was smaller before.
  • Because all players who tried Wild Ones gets at least 1 Dog, it is safe to conclude that the Dog is the populated pet of all in the Wild Ones universe.
  • Because of its Bone having higher damage than a Dynamite, they always use bone rather than dynamites but it's less destructive, making it a useless weapon for fall-killing pets in Foolish Errors.
  • It is actually a great pet, sometimes you can see a level 100 user using a dog.
  • Some players like the dog since it can be bought for a cheap price and the dog bone has fairly high damage and is free.
  • Dogs are the only pets that have an automatic accessory, which is its collar.
  • It had the best health after Rhino and Dragon .
  • Sometime they will think you as a weak opponent, so they will just kill your team before you
  • Most hackers use this pet.
  • The Dog is made up of 67 Shape Files and 77 Sprite Files.

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