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A dog bone is a default dog weapon in Wild Ones. It is only used by a dog (or any pets if it is hacked). This weapon allows a dog to drop a dog bone and make an explosion. It is easy to earn a medal of pet powers rather than the melee powers of cat and panda. It is said to be greater for the bone to drop in a bunch of pets (recommended to be all in a hole). It can be hacked for a pet which can hold all the powers of every pet. It is a type of count-down bomb. Many people use that on Foolish Errors to drop other player, what means instant kill.
Dog Status

Let's assume this dog is eating an explosive dog bone

Icon Dog Bone
Cost Free (Unlimited except for Skill Match)
Damage 00000000000000000450.

Ability-Icon 450 Damage


Works like an ordinary countdown-bomb. Ability-Icon Works like an ordinary countdown-bomb.

Dogs only ability.

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • Higher damage than Dynamite.
  • Bunch of pets together can cause more than 1000 points.
  • It can be used to get a medal.
  • If you angle it correctly, it could make your opponents fly (or launch).


  • The AOE is small.
  • It is easy to hurt yourself with it unless you have extra speed points or if you teleport first.


  • Unlike Wild Ones bombs, the area of bombing is very small but not ineffective.


  • The Dog Bone was smaller before.
  • Because of its Bone having higher damage than a Dynamite, they always use bone rather than dynamites but it's less destructive, making it a useless weapon for fall-killing pets in Foolish Errors.
  • Its weapon counterpart is Dynamite.
  • On skill match, instead of 99, you will have only 5 uses.

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