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The Egg Blaster is a weapon released to celebrate Easter on Wild Ones. It is very bouncy and its function is just like Rubber Grenade.


Easter eggs in Halo 3!

"A trio of Easter Eggs for bouncing chaos"

Icon Egg Blaster
Cost 00000000000000000005.

Treats-Icon 5 Treats for 10 Ammo

Damage 0000000000000300-400.

Ability-Icon 300-400 Damage each00000000000000001200. Ability-Icon 1200 Damage total

Ability Bounces like a rubber grenade.

Ability-Icon Bounces like a rubber grenade

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • Can do an OTK.


  • It can inflict damage yourself and will not stick at opponents.


  • It is the 100th weapon to be released, while 101st weapon if counted Dog Bone as one of the member of the weapon family.
  • Although it bounces like a rubber grenade, it does not stick to your opponents!

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