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Electric Eel is a new weapon in Wild Ones. It is released on 27/4/12. It is one of the weapons which can inflict damage even it is not the opponent's round. When used, the powered eel inflicts damage when it hits the surface. If the eel hits the opponent or nearby, there will be a round of electric shock. The maximum damage for the electric shock is 7000 (or even higher if the weapon needs more time then the timer sets) if the timer is set to 35 seconds per pet and both yourself and the 5 other pets consume all the 35 seconds. Normally, about 400 will be resulted for the electric shock (counted as 4 players), so it is recommended that you do your round when timer is nearly over.

"Throw an Electric Eel at your opponents"

Electric Eel

My darling!

Icon Electric Eel
Cost 0000000000000001,999.

Coin 1,999 Coins for 5 ammo

Max cost & ammo 0000000000000197,901.

Coin 197,901 Coins for 495 ammo

Eel damage 00000000000000000500.

Ability-Icon 500 Damage

Electric shock damage 00000000000000000025.

Ability-Icon 25 Damage per second

Ability Electric shock other players.

Ability-Icon Electric shock other players

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on April 27, 2012
Expired on This weapon will not expire


  • Good damage if the electric shock damage is applied.
  • It costs coins.


  • If the player dies, the electric shock effect will disappear, making it harder to an OTK.
  • Only do one round of electric shock.