Events are special occasions in the game that released special weapons or accessories to match their themes. An event can last a day up to 2 Months. 


  • The Beginning of Wild Ones (November 2010)
    • A lot of Advertisement on Facebook began to promote a game called Wild Ones. Because of its similarities with Worms. Wild Ones begins to be popular and has acquired millions of fans.
  • A Very Wild Christmas (December 2010)
    • Playdom begins to release Christmas accessories like the Santa Hat, Beard, Rudolph's Nose and a lot more. The Rudolph's Nose was the very first animated accessory, because it's glowing even during gameplay. The Rudolph's Nose was never again release and was considered legendary among fans


  • Candy Bar (January 2010)
    • ​A hacker known as Koala Bars hack into Wild Ones and began selling the unrelease "Cat" for $5. The hacker gained fans, because he/she was cool enough to hack into the game. The hacker also gain enemies, because he/he was a rude among his/her customers.
  • Introduction to Treats and Delight (Mid-February 2010)
    • Playdom releases Treats for the public. They also release many interesting Valetine goodies like the Avenger wings and the long and forgotten Heart Broken T-shirt. The Heart Broken T-shirt was never again release the following years.
    • The Killer Globgun and the Scatter MIRV was release the following weeks. 
    • In Facebook, Treats were transformed into Facebook Credits.
  • Laser Cannon and Spider Bomb (March 2010)
    • The Laser Cannon was release by Playdom during the month. Each player gets one FREE Laser Cannon. Laser Cannon was considered as the Best Weapon during that time, but it costs about way too much being at 99 Treats for 5 Laser Cannons. The Spider Bomb was criticize of being too weak.
  • The Ultimate and the Immortality (April 2010)
    • The Minigun was a surprise from Playdom and can only be found on Crates. Fans considered this as the Ultimate Weapon surpassing the Laser Cannon in every other way.
    • ​Playdom introduces the "5 Minutes Re-spawn" in an attempt to stop the hackers from disappearing during gameplay. However, it fails to please fans and everyone soon found out the Angel Hook glitch in which the player would use the grappling hook after his/her pet died to be immortal.


  • Treats Sales and the 15 Glitch Treats Links are not considered Wild Ones events.
  • For some reason, Playdom does not release an anniversary event for Wild Ones. 

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