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Explosive Cards is a weapon released on 18th of January. Its function is like a Missile Stream, except you throw 5 cards at a round in different times. When the cards hit something, they will explode. Be careful with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th card, as your opponents may get knocked to a different area by the 1st card so you may have to adjust your aim. It was released again on 10th of May, 2013.

"Shoot 5 Explosive Cards at your opponents"

401064 327073847324584 294968260535143 1063044 1217541120 n

Buying Cards

Icon Explosive Cards
Cost First Release:00000000000000000999.

Coin 999 Coins for 4 ammo
Second Release:00000000000000000999. Coin 999 Coins for 7 ammo


00000000000000000150. Ability-Icon 150 Damage Each Card (00000000000000000750. Ability-Icon 750 Damage if every card hits the enemy)

Ability 0000000Throw 5 Cards.

Ability-Icon Throw 5 Cards

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross, but can be obtained from Limited Edition Weapon Pack
Released on First Release: 18th January, 2012
Second Release: 10th of May, 2013
Expires on First Release: 1st February, 2012
Second Release: 10th of June, 2013


  • Costs coins and cheap


  • The damage of each card is lower than that of each missile in Missile Stream.


  • The cards are:
    • Ace of hearts
    • King of hearts (The king's head is a lion)
    • Queen of hearts (The queen's head is a tiger with its lipstick on)
    • Jack of hearts (The jack's head is a werewolf)
    • 10 of hearts
  • This is a five-part type weapon. Due to not so many weapons having the same function, therefore it is still classified as a two-part type weapon or multiple-type weapon. Every part of this weapon is missile damage.