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AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired Content

This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Firecrackers cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.

Firecrackers is a weapon in Wild Ones. It is released in the Chinese New Year in 2012. It is currently expired and it had costed 00000000000000000002. Treats-Icon 2 Treats for 7 ammo. Its function is the same with any timed explosives. Once you've settled the firecrackers, they started to explode cracks by cracks and then blow up to inflict damage.

"Blow up your opponents"


Firecrackers in Wild News.


Cover now your ears!

Icon Firecrackersicon
Cost Expired
Damage 0000000000000800-900.

Ability-Icon 800-900 Damage

Ability Throw some Firecrackers and blow up your opponents.

Ability-Icon Throw some Firecrackers and blow up your opponents

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on 25/1/12
Expiring on 8/2/12


  • It can be used for collection.
  • Huge blast radius.
  • Can make an OTK.


  • Unwise to buy this weapon due it costs treats


  • Interesting enough, the firecrackers are louder than any single timed weapons.
  • The weapon is based on Judas Belt,although displays only one damage, not multiple.

The Flying Pet Technique Edit

  1. Go very near to pet.
  2. When targeting, set the target meter to 0% in the left and -50% in right
  3. Drop it.
  4. And the pet is flying now.