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One of the best ability of each second kill, flood or tsunami. It can be used to kill the pets by water. Platypus ability is nearly the most devastating of all the pets. However, Penguin and Platypus can swim through water, so it should be alarmed.
Platypus stats

Platypus ability - Flood

Damage 60 each second
Ability To choke the pet by water
Found in which pet only Platypus


  • It's a good idea to use it if you can't reach high places, first turn you use flood. Then on the second turn you quickly swim up.
  • Curiously, Goo and Napalm can still exist underwater.

    now im safe :D


  • Shooting underwater will slow down your shot's power.
  • Bees will drown.
  • Penguin, Platypus, Duck and Crocodile wont drown in water because they can swim.
  • Rubber Grenades will stop sticking and bouncing and they will sink down.
  • You will slow down underwater which make it hard to do a turn.
  • Goo and Napalm can lose its damage.
  • Moving under the flood can make your unable to swim pet sink to the bottom and deduct life points.
  • Easy to escape with use of Teleporters.


  • It is hard to realize, but a good idea is too use this ability when the end-of-game flood starts.
  • Also it will be like the gravity of moon if you jump.
  • Some players replace a weapon with Flood and use the ability on other pets.

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