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Foolish errors

The map of Foolish Errors


This is how Foolish Errors looks when you select the maps

Level to unlock At level 5


  • This map is expired like the Chow Time! map, but you can play it if you enter to the private game called "Foolish Errors"
  • The map was made for April Fools' Day 2010 because Wild Ones could not find the correct map. Hence, you are fooled.
  • This map is the least to lag because its background is not moving.
  • It has the most spacious map, and having the Highest Hole KO risks due to its thin surface. The site can be removed by firing a Mega Nuke precisely on the center.
  • It is the only map whom has a different featured image. The weapon at its image is a Dynamite.
  • Most Pets can't walk under the text at the bottom as they will get stuck on the "y" on Playdom.
  • It was once need to be unlocked at level 19. Now only level 5, same with Chow Time!
  • You can score easy kills by using weapons that leave large holes in the ground, like Dynamite and Jumbo Missile, leaves a big hole on the map. The thin layer at the bottom could trick. Using bombs can make a hole and trick people to get more points.
  • Platypus are recommended for this arena because the surface is very thin and it is easy TO FLOOD animals that are on the ground.
  • It is the first map to be deleted by Playdom, together with Chow Time! because of new room of new maps.
  • this map has not background music.