Frequently asked questions or FAQ for short will answer most common questions asked by contributors.


  • Q: What is Wild Ones?
  • A: It's a Multiplayer game based on worms. You have many Pets, Weapons, Accessories and other stuff to use.

  • Q: Does this cost?
  • A: Game is free to be played online. Treats and Coins cost though :(

  • Q: What the hell is this? No hacks? That wiki sucks.
  • A: We don't give hacks because it's bad and gives bad opinions on us in the Forums.

  • Q: C4n I haz c0de, pleasx?
  • A: NO!

  • Q: My account got banned. Why?
  • A: You most likely violated a rule and your Wild Ones account got suspended.

  • Q: Who is a "hacker"?
  • A: It's a person with very low intelligence that uses tools to give himself an advantage because he doesn't know how to play.

  • Q: I like this wiki. It needs some improvements though.
  • A: Sure. Feel free to ask an admin or create an announcement on what you want to do.

  • Q: I don't know what to do :(
  • A: Read rules, tips or ask an admin for help :)

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