Game Modes are the game types of Wild Ones. There are 7 game modes in Wild Ones. These are Point Match,Team Point Match,Last One Standing,Last Team Standing,Super Speed,Skill Match and Custom Game.
  • Point Match- Our most popular game! Damage your opponents to score points.
  • Team Point Match- Damage the opposing team to score points.
  • Last One Standing- Outlast your opponents.Just on life each - last one standing wins.
  • Last Team Standing- Outlast the opposing team.Just one life each- last team standing wins.
  • Super Speed- Short turns for a high speed match.Damage your opponents to score points.
  • Skill Match- Everyone starts with same classic weapons.Last one standing wins.
  • Custom Game- Pick your favorite settings or create a private room.

Game ModesEdit

Custom GameEdit

Custom Game Custom Game Mode allows you to create your own match that will allow you to play with friends and not with random people.You can pick your own settings from game type to match name.

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