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Chemical Symbol This weapon is harmful to your health.

Game Over Nuke is a chemical weapon. Please do not overuse it because it will be very destructive and will make the game unfair.

The Game Over Nuke is the most powerful and the most destructive nuke in Wild Ones. Despite its name, it will not "really" end the game but ending up with many players being provoked and leaving the game. Everyone will mostly die in close range, sometimes in far range too. Despite also its name, it is considered as an OTK. It can almost destroy one-third of the Map. Its function is like a missile.


The Fearsome Game Over Nuke!

Icon Game Over Nuke

00000000000000000109. Treats-Icon 109 Treats for 20 ammo

Members: 00000000000000000099. Treats-Icon 99 Treats for 20 ammo

Max Cost & Ammo 0000000000000010,791.

Treats-Icon 10,791 Treats for 1980 ammo Members: 00000000000000009801. Treats-Icon 9801 Treats for 1980 ammo


Hit Damage: 00000000000000002000. Ability-Icon 2000 Damage (without stats)

Far Damage: 0000000000000000≥600. Ability-Icon ≥600 Damage

Near Damage: 00000000000000001200. Ability-Icon 1200 Damage


Explodes and takes out a huge chunk of terrain.

Ability-Icon Explodes and takes out a huge chunk of terrain.

Found In crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • Slaughters a lot of pets, getting you the highest points(so use it once in a game)
  • Swallowing large terrain.
  • Easy to get a Stand and Fight Medal.
  • Can be gifted.
  • Easy to get Eagle Eye Medal.
  • Easy to get Suicidal Mayhem Medal.


  • Everyone will take damage.
  • Unfair to beginners.
  • Due to Wild Ones Daily Gifts, beginners may get this nuke easily. Therefore, some players will consider it as 'IMBAlanced' player.
  • Too easy to commit suicide.
Game Over Nuke in action

Wild Ones Remake version


  • Currently, it's the most powerful explosive weapon in Wild Ones. The most powerful non-explosive counterpart is the Poison Cloud, or Gamma Star.
  • You or your opponents will not die when you use it on Last One/Team Standing, except when you or your opponents fall into the large hole the nuke will create.
  • A strategy to kill most of the pets:
    1. Make sure you are prepared to use the Game Over Nuke.
    2. When it is your turn, use a teleporter and throw it far!
    3. After teleporting, fire the nuke to any surface! But you will get extra damage from falling or from the explosion itself.
    4. Shoot it to a bunch of pets are struggling in an area (recommended to use Kiss GoodBye) directly.
  • It is impossible to fire it without anyone taking any damage even if it goes offscreen.
  • If you want to survive in this explosive weapon you must be very far away in the area so you won't get hit. Also you ought to have very high stat points on health.
  • Its name Game Over NukE the uppercase says "GONE" that can be a reference to the power of this nuke.
  • The closer this nuke explodes to a pet, the more points you get.
    Gameovernuke crater

    The crater of Game Over Nuke(red) as compared in a Baby Nuke(blue)

  • Keep an eye from players who aims at random places, as they are about to fire this behemoth out of the game.
  • Its hitbox is the same as Missile's, so it can penetrate even to a straight drill hole.
  • It is also known as the Annihilator, Apocalypse, Astonishing.
  • The nuke itself fitted over the launcher which disobeyed the law of physics.
  • Rare for gaining in Daily Gifts and from friends.
  • There is a new launcher in Wild Ones Remake version.


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