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Laser Hazard This weapon is harmful to your pet, please do suitable protection

Please wear accessories which can maximize your health or rise your stat points to prevent death. Laser can be hazardous and will kill your pet easily. Please don't play with laser at home, once laser is pointed to someone's eye, it can blind them.

Chemical Symbol This weapon is harmful to your health.

Gamma Star is a chemical weapon. Please do not overuse it because it will be very destructive and will make the game unfair.

The Gamma Star is the 2nd second most powerful non-explosive weapon and the most powerful Gamma weapon in the game. It doesn't destroy any terrain but kills everyone in its path. (except if the person has so high stat points in health).


The Gamma Star

Icon. Gamma Star icon
Cost. 00000000000000000099.

Treats-Icon 99 Treats for 15 ammo.

Max Cost & Ammo. 0000000000000009,801.

Treats-Icon 9,801 Treats for 1485 ammo.


00000000000000001500. Ability-Icon 1500 Damage

Ability. Damages opponents by shooting a planet destroying laser across the map.

Ability-Icon Damages opponents by shooting a planet destroying laser across the map

Found In crates.



Gamma Star Icon


  • The light that surrounds the ray causes destructive damage.that means alot of damage.
  • You will take no damage from the laser.
  • You can KO all people at once in point match.because it is strong.
  • Because of its lethality and size of laser,some players will frustrate and even leave the game.
  • You can kill all people if you have max strength health point.
  • Great for Two Birds And One Stone Achievement.
  • Large laser width.
  • Helps you win last one standing match easily.
  • Almost impossible to miss.cannot miss
  • Able to pass through any terrain.


  • In some cases, the Gamma star will not KO your opponent, instead deals 1500 damage. This will leave your opponent with approximately 10% of their full health and vulnerable to being defeated next turn by a rocket.
  • Unfair to beginners.
  • Very expensive.
  • Some opponents can survive it.


  • When receiving it as a gift,its name was: "Gamma Stay" rather than "Gamma Star". This would be often mixed up with Gamma Ray.
  • Can be enhanced by 15% if you have all Uncle Sam Accessories. It is not necessary to use these accessories due to its high damage, unless you're in Last One/Team Standing), but it may affect the appearance of the laser and increase the damage to 5000.
  • Since the Freeze Ray has been released, the Gamma star laser has been updated. Instead of plain green, it is replaced by altering blue and red colours and shrinks if you are wearing the Uncle Sam outfit.
  • It may be a spoof of the Death Star from Star Wars, considering the power of the weapon.but it maybe isn't from star wars may bee
  • Even though the description says "A planet destroying beam of destruction", it does no damage to the map and it is not defined literally.This could be because gamma rays does only affect organisms (pets) and not the nonliving.

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