Duck Golf Set Complete

Sqash! Squish! cHOOO! Bunker Blast xD

Enjoy My set i suggested it to WO!

So Rate HERE! :) (HERE!)

Moneybag Cap

+20% Mini Pet Damage
6 Treats

Golf Top

+20% Walk Speed
-10% Damage Taken
9 Treats

Plaid Shorts

-None Effect-
1299 Coins

Golf Shoes

+10% Jump Boost
4 Treats or 10 Neighbors 5299 Coins

Golf Club

+5% Damage Given
*5 Days Collection*

Golf Club Bag

1599 Coins for 7 ammo
650-1300 Bag
150-300 Club
Shoots out golf clubs with precision
Released 12.4.2012
Expiring 27.4.2012

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