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Chemical Symbol This weapon is harmful to your health.

Goo Globgun is a chemical weapon. Please do not overuse it because it will be very destructive and will make the game unfair.

The Goo Globgun acts like a Missile when fired. When it hits, it does 180 damage and splatters goo around the target. During the target's turn, the goo will do 150 damage per second to the target and the target's movement is slowed and they are refrained from jumping. The only way to minimize the goo's damage effectively is to use the grappling hook. It is effective to use it at a player after your turn.


Ewwwww, it made me ill.

Icon Wild Ones Alpha:Goo Globgun Old

Old:Goo Globgun

New:Goo Globgun Icon


00000000000000000003. Treats-Icon 3 Treats for 3 ammo

Members: 00000000000000002500. Coin 2500 Coins for 3 ammo

Max. Cost & Ammo 00000000000000000297.

Treats-Icon 297 Treats for 297 ammo

Members: 00000000000000099000. Coin 99000 Coins for 3 ammo

Missile Damage 00000000000000000300.

Ability-Icon 300 Damage

Goo Damage 00000000000000000150.

Ability-Icon 150 Damage per second.

Ability After impact goo spreads out causing damage each second when stood on.

Ability-Icon After impact goo spreads out causing damage each second when stood on.

Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2


  • Sticks on opponent which is very hard to escape.
  • More accurate than before.


  • Enemies can use Teleporters and Grappling Hooks to escape.
  • Because it is so big when you fire it, it can sometimes backfire if you aim from too close to the ledge.
  • More expensive than Mega Globgun.


  • The oldest Goo Globgun was quite inaccurate.
  • Goo Globgun was once named Goo Gun.
  • Its icon was similar as its weaker version, it is now as 2 glob missiles instead of 1. However, it changed back to 1 by no reason which will mystify users to buy the wrong version.
  • In Opening Gifts, it is written as "Globgun".
  • This is a two-part type weapon where the first one is the missile damage and the second one is the goo damage.

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