Green Hornet Event was a Wild Ones Event released before Christmas.
Green Hornet Banner

Story of the Green HornetEdit

Green Hornet 1966Edit

The Green Started in 1966 where a Characters are Britt Reid and Kato,During in Season 1 Few People watch the Green Hornet after Season 1 they Cancelled it due to few people is Watching it,Kato and Reid enemies were BatMan and Robin.

Green Hornet 2011Edit

The Green Hornet Returned again in 2011 but this time it a Movie the Story is Different in The Past today they have the Black Beauty,8 Black Beauty Missile's and 2 Gas Gun's.The Green Hornet in 2011 was Twist along with Friendship's Break's Alittle but Friendship Returned.

Green hornet event 1

Gas Gun Wars 1

Britt Reid - Van Williams

Van William as Brit Reid or The Green Hornet


  • By watching a Green Hornet Trailer you could get 5 Free Treats.
    Kato - Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee as Kato

Released ItemsEdit

See AlsoEdit

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