These are the basic HTML codes:

Writing looksEdit

Italic:Type ''your text''

Bold:Type '''your text'''

Bold & Italic:Type '''''your text'''''

Underlined:Type <u>your text</u>

Striked:Type <s>your text</s>

Writing placesEdit

Left:Type <div align="left">your writing</div>
Center:Type <center>your text</center>
Right:Type <div align="right">your text</div>

Color and moreEdit


Just Text ColorEdit

Type <div style="color:text color">text

Or simply use Fontcolor template.

For example:

{{Fontcolor|blue|Wild Ones FTW!}} gives...

Wild Ones FTW!

Just Background ColorEdit
Type <div style="background-color:background color">text
Both Color and Background ColorEdit

Type <div style="color:text color; background-color:background color">text'''</div>


Sub:Type <sub>text</sub>

Sup:Type <sup>text</sup>

Block quote
Type <blockquote>text</blockquote>

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