Hacker's,Cheater's and Exploiter's have tried things to hack they currently know is Cheat Engine,T-Search and Wpe Pro.Expert's and Pro's and Master's used these programs on the list.

List of Programs use to hack in GamesEdit

Memory Scanner/EditorsEdit

  1. Cheat Engine
  2. ArtMoney
  3. T-Search
  4. MemoryHackingSoftware
  5. Cheat O' Matic
  6. Game Cheater


  1. OllyDBG
  2. IDA Pro
  3. Syser Debugger
  4. WinDBG
  5. Immunity Debugger
  6. Charles

Swf InjectorEdit

  1. Fiddler

Trainer MakersEdit

  1. Cheat Engine
  2. Game Trainer Studio
  3. Magic Trainer Creator
  4. MemHack
  5. Trainer Creation Kit
  6. Trainer Maker Kit

Hex EditorsEdit

  1. Hex Workshop
  2. XVI32
  3. AXE Hex Injector
  4. WinHex
  5. HxD
  6. DataWorkshop
  7. FlexHEX
  8. HIEW

Packet Anylyzers/EditorsEdit

  1. WPE/Wpe Pro
  2. Redox Packet Editor
  3. Wireshark (Ethereal)
  4. Nsauditor
  5. Sniffer Basic (NetXray)

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