People always want to win or get things that are not available so people found out how to hack or cheat.Wild Ones is a game that is cheated or hacked nearly all the time. The biggest reason to hack is the Membership, If not the Membership the hacks would never exist (except the color hack) another reason is the Treats they are releasing lots of cool stuff into game for Treats and people started hacking them all.If you want treats you must buy it for REAL MONEY. This was another reason to hack. Banning would never exist, and people wouldn't get glitches of ban, so that means that people who got banned for nothing, it is fault of hackers.On 28/6/2011 at time 23:00 when Wild News were introduced all hacks got patched, you cant hack anything without a message: The lost connection with the server Please reload the page. This means that hackers got defeated once and for all.

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  • kndlegoman4: I got banned on my fake account yesterday (18/6/2011) What i did?: I hacked pet platypus and then i tried dragon but my game got crazy and i couldn't buy anything or play multiplayer. I refreshed the page and i got a message: Dear Peter Due to your recent actions on our platform.....etc. etc. i got it in Paint and changed oops! to poop! due to being angry at playdom and hackers. Lol today (29/6/2011) i tried medal hack on one of my fake accounts and i got message to refresh the page wpe pro has no use anymore.
  • User99th: I hacked Lion (For YouTube Tutorial) and got banned, then I refreshed twice and got unbanned (Because I do the unbanned trick) I don't show them how to unbanned.I want to make people ban themselves.


Due to legal reasons, posting hacking tutorials are not allowed.

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