Need help? You can ask:

WildWarren (Administrative or hard questions... or maybe as hard as possible)

Wildoneshelper (Templates, MediaWiki... Everything you can ask him for is alright)

Jan Carlo Velasco (Tips for improving... He can answer many questions! As many as possible.)

Kndlegoman4 or WildBrick142 (Unreleased items... He can answer all unreleased questions together with JCRV!)

Junkmaniac (He can teach how to make perfect English with Wildoneshelper!) (Currently inactive, if you want to make perfect English, please go to Wildoneshelper)

or go to the following category:

Help pages category

or go to Help:Contents

or find it at Help:Index

or go to our homemade page to talk about your help at Forum:Wild Ones Wiki Help Forum

Start a Discussion Discussions about Help

  • help pls

    2 messages
    • hi have a question how can man the guns as you scroll the net more on all weapons arsenal must see? So I have my man net special weapons arse...
    • Would you mind using a better English to explain your question? Looks like there are many typo here and we don't understand what you are talking.

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