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AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired Content

This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Impulse Bomb cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.

The Impulse Bomb is one of the weakest weapons in Wild Ones. Players put this bomb in somewhere and it will explode after his/her turn. Then, it will deliver a flash on the screen and make nearby players go flying across the map until they hit something. It will also inflict minor damage to all pets on the map.


The Impulse Bomb.

Icon New:Impulse BombOld (Zoo Bomb):Zoo Bomb


18 from Weapon Super Pack (Random Reward)


Explode Damage:00000000000000000130. Ability-Icon 130 Damage

Push Damage: 00000000000000007-50. Ability-Icon 7-50 Damage

Fall Damage: Varies

Ability It makes a bright flash and everyone on the map gets pushed back from it for cheap thrill.

Ability-Icon It makes a bright flash and everyone on the map gets pushed back from it for cheap thrill.

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • It is the most important weapon to unlock the achievement 'Geronimo!', and to get a treat.
  • Perhaps the most interesting about the Impulse Bomb is that it's able to destroy Napalms, Bees, Weapon Crates and Health Packs.
  • If placed correctly, it could launch your opponents high into the air and make the pets fall and create fall damage once they hit the ground.
  • An alternative way of transportation...with a blast.
  • It can push your opponents to a pit even if he is far away


  • It is the weakest and cheapest weapon.
  • It creates very little damage.
  • It deals damage to everyone on the screen, including yourself.


  • The Impulse Bomb was once named Zoo Bomb and had a "Z" instead of an "I" on the front of it.
  • It was once cost 1 coin for 10 bombs before it was expired.Lucky experimential players got almost infinite amounts of these bombs(since being the cheapest weapon is still valuable)
  • Note the impulse bomb actually does more damage if you're far away from it then close to it so its best to be placed next to yourself.

    The old version.

  • On 25th May 2011, the Impulse Bomb is back with a cost of 500 coins. Although it makes damage to opponents and even you can go out of bounds and surfaces.
  • It was the only bomb that costs 1 coin
  • After it explodes, the opponents will fly in mid-air and land in a pit. 

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