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Indestructible Egypt is a map released on 11/8/11. It is based on Egypt.

It is an unlockable map, requiring 50 treats or 15 neighbours and 5000 coins.


  • The terrain in this map cannot be destroyed. (Hence 'Indestructible' in the name )
  • ALL weapons will not work here in terrain destroying, only damaging. (Includes drill missile, drill missile cluster and grave digger. They will just explode on impact with the terrain, like normal missiles, so DO NOT use drill missiles in this map, as it is no use and a waste of money.)
  • Many players on this map are hackers as it is a VERY challenging map and not many players have 15 neighbours.
  • When this map was released, a few Egyptian-themed accessories were released as well.
  • If you would like to play this map, join the game "Indestructible Egypt."
  • if you do not have the necessary requirements to Join Private Game fence and enter: lampara95

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