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Chemical Symbol This weapon is harmful to your health.

Ironwood Tree is a chemical weapon. Please do not overuse it because it will be very destructive and will make the game unfair.

AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired Content

This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Ironwood Tree cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.

The Ironwood Tree was released on the 7th of July, 2011. At that time it costed 00000000000000000007. Treats-Icon 7 Treats for 12 ammo. When you throw a "seed" of the ironwood tree, it will grow up into a towering tree after the round ends and after some seconds, it will explode and inflicts damage.

"A very strong tree"


Warning:Choking Hazard. Keep it away from children under age of 3.

Icon Ironwood Tree
Cost Expired
Damage 0000000000000Various.

Ability-Icon Various Damage (500 - 1050) Exact: 00000000000000000800. Ability-Icon 800 Damage

Ability Throw it somewhere and it will explode after a few seconds.

Ability-Icon Throw it somewhere and it will explode after a few seconds.

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • You throw the tree (Picture of icon) like a Grenade and a Venus Monster Plant.
  • When it has grown up, it explodes.
  • When you reach to level three, you will see that Ironwood Tree is unlocked at that level but the truth is that this weapon is unlocked in level 11.
  • Note that this is slightly different from Scarecrow. Although the growing process is the same, this weapon has only one part inflicting damage, whereas the Scarecrow has two parts inflicting damage.
  • The name "Ironwood Tree" is based after the fourth book of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

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