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Killer Missile or Grayscale version of Missile is an unreleased weapon in Wild Ones. It is known as an Infected Weapon (Weapon Memory has been Erased).

Sin títuloxDxdXD

i will use it :D!!!!

Cost N/A
Damage N/A
Ability Shoot a Killer Missile
Found in crates No
Sin títuloxDxdXDxdÑOLO



  • Killermissle

    Ammo and Icon

    Killer Missile will appear on vacant hotkeys if you pressed a number.
  • The code is "mortarKI1" but in WPE Pro it shows "null" due to the erased data of it.
  • Null means no longer in use or nothing,implying it's appearance at every vacant hotkeys.
  • This is an grayscale version of Missile.
  • Icon of Fireball Rocket in Mini Weapon's and more.


  • When you shoot it does nothing.
  • This is upgraded version of Missile .
  • The cannon is red in colour.
  • This Weapon was Infected due to the Lost memory of the game this might be to the New Wild Ones Beta.
  • Its the Null Picture somehow the Null with the Red Launcher? will be Coming soon in the game.
  • When Toolbox was released, a glitch occurred showing unknown weapon. It has icon of a Killer Missile (As any weapon that has no icon sprite). When you use it, it pops out balloons and party decorations in the air and it doesn't hurt your opponent instead of that, you will recover 200 hp.

    Coparison of Missile

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