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Kiwi is a Facebook only snack in Wild Ones.

Not Orange

Cost 170 Playdom Merit Points
Powerup +40% Defence
Turns 3
Time taken to make 5 seconds

Rotten Kiwi!


  • If you eat three kiwis you will take no damage at all when somebody hit you (not fall damage)


  • This snack is now expired though some hackers buy this by replacing other snack with kiwi which won't cost any amount of coins.
  • Kiwi is an overpowered snack from which, even though says it yields +40% defence when eaten, can reduce the missile's damage from 400 to 50,take approximately 100 from Game Over Nukes even at close range, and even nullify Gamma Star's damage.
  • Most common snack used by hackers.

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